Join our full-time or part-time coding bootcamps for live, instructor-led software-engineering training & career-change support.

Want to become a professional developer, upskill to advance your career or build your own ideas? Our full-time and part-time coding bootcamps are in-depth programmes of software-engineering training and optional career-change support designed to help you make the jump to where you want to be.

They’re all instructor-led; accessed remotely via Zoom Video Communications; and live and interactive so it’s just like learning in person.

Our Bootcamps:

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional full-stack web developer

Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

This is our most comprehensive bootcamp and provides everything you need to make the jump from little or no coding experience to being able to develop and deploy enterprise-grade software to a professional standard. Learn how to leverage the full client-server model (browser, API’s, servers & databases) to build attractive and performant websites and web-apps.

Duration: 30 weeks part-time or 12 weeks full-time.

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

Front-End Coding Bootcamp

The Front-End Bootcamp is the Full-Stack Bootcamp minus the portion which relates to servers, databases, building your own API’s and DevOps. This bootcamp would be suitable for you if you wanted to focus your career on building user interfaces. No previous experience required.

Duration: 22 weeks part-time or 9 weeks full-time.

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

JavaScript Coding Bootcamp

This is the programming portion of the Full-Stack Bootcamp. If you already know HTML and CSS but want to know how to professionally build the logic that powers both the front-end of your application (including using React) and the back end (including using Express in Node.js), then this bootcamp is for you.

Duration: 17.5 weeks part-time or 7 weeks full-time.

How the bootcamps overlap:

The Jump - how our three bootcamps overlap

Why choose us?

Total support and dedication: The Jump is our baby and showing people how to code professionally is our passion. Our promise to you is that we’ll be with you every step of the way and we’ll work just as hard as you, to get you where you want to be.

Access more opportunities: Many bootcamps teach Ruby. We don’t. We develop your edge by focusing you on a far more popular and in-demand language than Ruby - JavaScript (For every Ruby developer role there are between 4 and 6 JavaScript developer roles).

We use your time wisely: Many bootcamps teach 2 programming languages. We don’t. In reality, bootcamps don’t give you enough time to get good at 2 languages, so we teach you to be really good at 1 language (JavaScript) rather than average at 2.

Reduced financial impact: We cost less than many other bootcamps. Our PART-TIME coding bootcamps mean you can train without having to quit your job & lose your income. We let you spread the cost by paying in instalments or using 3rd party finance providers.

Get results faster: When there’s so much to know and it evolves so quickly, where do you start? Knowing the big picture and the pitfalls enables us to help you cut through the confusion & condense into several weeks what would otherwise take years to learn.

Relevant and current: We’re not out-of-date academics or rookies, our instructors are experienced and practicing industry professionals who work with the latest tech, so they know what industry wants and what’s valuable now, not 5 years ago.


Kyle, Front End Web Developer
‘James’s way of breaking down difficult concepts, his easy and relaxed manner, and his incredible wealth of knowledge helped rapidly accelerate my learning. I now have the confidence to approach the job market knowing I have been taught sound principles and practices.’
- Kyle, Front-End Web Developer