James and Robert the Founders of The Jump Digital School

Our message is simple:

Tech is changing the world. Make the jump & learn to code to: Take control of your future; create the life you want; not get left behind.

About Us

Hello! We’re James and Robert; we’re brothers and we founded The Jump Digital School!

James is a well loved and super patient coding instructor and a professional full-stack web developer with over 12 years’ experience.

Robert has over 10 year’s experience in recruitment and executive coaching.

Together we provide the software engineering training and career-change support you need to learn to code and become a developer, so that you can take control of your future and create the life you want!

We set up the jump because we believe the following:

1. Tech is changing the world. Many traditional jobs are disappearing. If people don’t adapt, they’re going to get left behind with huge consequences for them and the UK:

- 47% of jobs will disappear

- Bank of England: 15 million jobs could disappear

- World Economic Forum: Upskill now or face ‘technological change accompanied by talent shortages, mass unemployment, and growing inequality

2. At the same time, people are looking to take control of their future and create a life that's:

i. Fulfilling

ii. Meaningful

iii. Stimulating

iv. Financially rewarding

v. Flexible

3. By becoming a web developer you can do all of that AND make sure you don’t get left behind, because web developers:

i. Can create products that maybe, just maybe, change the world.
ii. Work in every sector
iii. Are constantly innovating
iv. Earn well above the average income
v. Can work from anywhere in the world
vi. Are in huge demand

4. Current paths to becoming a web developer are either prohibitively expensive or ineffective, stopping many from making the jump:

Full-time bootcamps: Having to quit your job to attend means your fees & lost income combined can exceed £20,000 in just 16 weeks *

Online courses: Learning takes far longer because their scope is limited & support is intermittent.

Computer Science degrees: Regularly criticised for being out-of-date and too theoretical **

* 16 weeks = 12 weeks training + 4 weeks job hunting. Financial impact of £20K = average fees of £8K + lost income of £12,600. Lost income = 16 weeks worth of the average London non-tech salary of £41K

** Quotes from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee: Digital Skills Crisis Report

‘There is a serious mismatch between what is taught in schools and universities and what businesses require

‘Current teaching in Universities is devoid of commercial reality and does not have a strong enough vocational aspect.’

Our mission is, therefore:

To enable more people to become web developers so that they can take control of their future, create the life they want, and avoid being left behind as tech changes the world.

By providing:

Software engineering training and career-change support that is more effective and accessible.

By being:

Part-time; extensive; in-depth; commercially relevant and fully supportive throughout the learning process.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you make the jump, then take a look at our bootcamps & courses below to find out more. We’d love to hear from you and we’re always happy to help.