James and Robert the Founders of The Jump Digital School

About Us

Hello! We’re James and Robert; we’re brothers and we founded The Jump Digital School.

James (on the right) is a well-loved and super-patient coding instructor who taught at General Assembly for 5 years before founding the Jump. He’s also a professional Full-Stack Web Developer with over 14 years’ experience.

Robert (on the left) worked in recruitment for 10 years before moving into performance coaching.

We Set Up The Jump Because:

1. We absolutely love tech and we get real joy from enabling you to access the awesome power and opportunities that tech has to offer.

2. Tech is changing the world. Many traditional jobs are disappearing. Coding skills are in huge demand and we don’t want anyone to get left behind.

3. Existing routes to learning software development are often not effective, valuable, or accessible enough to help people make the jump, hence the shortage of skilled developers.

4. By providing this support, we can help you take control of your future and create a life that's fulfilling, flexible, and financially rewarding.

5. We are nimble and determined enough to lower or remove the barriers that are stopping you from making the jump.

Our mission is, therefore:

To provide more accessible, commercially valuable, effective and in-depth professional software-engineering training, together with optional career-change support, to best equip you to make the jump into tech.

What The Jump Is:

✅ A totally committed team that specialises in supporting you to make the jump from where you are to:

1️⃣ A new career as a professional developer

2️⃣ The next level in your current career

3️⃣ Building your own software products and services

✅ A family run business that cares about our students and how we can help them

✅ With you all the way on what, at times, can be a confusing, overwhelming and challenging journey to becoming a software developer.

✅ Focused on embedding your understanding and ability to use the most in-demand tech to a professional standard, and providing career-change support if that’s your goal.

What The Jump Is Not:

❌ Happy to teach out-of-date or stagnating tech, like Ruby, because its easy

❌ Happy to use rookies as our bootcamp instructors

❌ A giant corporation focused on shareholders

❌ Happy to run huge cohorts where you’re a small cog in a massive machine

❌ Selling you the myth of a job guarantee. They’re never what you think.