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Josh's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Josh - Full-Stack Bootcamp

The single most important thing that puts The Jump above other coding bootcamps is the fact that the owners, Rob and James, care so much about each individual student. It's clear from day one that it's their mission for you to succeed in whatever it is you choose to do after completing The Jump.

Secondly, the caliber of teaching provided by The Jump is astounding. I was taught by Russell who is not only a brilliant guy but also one of the most knowledgeable and experienced developers I've ever met. He's extremely dedicated to teaching and his passion really comes across during lessons.

As for the course itself, the tech stack taught is exactly what the technology market is looking for, with myself being taught React.js for handling the front end and Express.js for the back. Both techniques are hugely popular at the moment with more and more web applications transitioning to them every day.

All in I'd have to say if you want to upskill or totally make the change to the tech industry (you don't need any prior coding experience for The Jump) then go for it! I have secured a job in the tech industry within a month of applying for positions, so the skills they teach are clearly in demand!

Amy's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Amy - Full-Stack Bootcamp

As a full-time working mum, it was difficult to find a course that would provide security where I could learn and work at the same time. I found The Jump and spoke to Robert who from the beginning seemed to cut through all the other bullsh*t you can get from other bootcamps and seemed to genuinely care about my reasoning behind making a career move. I joined, made the commitment and studied hard with Russell, who is an excellent tutor, and supported me throughout.

The Course
The course was varied; beginning with HTML and CSS, it quickly gathered pace when we hit Javascript and by the time I reached React, I couldn't believe how far I'd come in a matter of months and how creative I could be with my code.

Of course, I sometimes doubted myself, but was constantly supported and never felt like I was left behind. They genuinely cared about everyone on the bootcamp, and that was refreshing.

On 'graduation', I took my time to finish my portfolio and began job hunting. Within two weeks, I had a new career as a developer.

I honestly can't believe how quick it's all been. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made, and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking for a supportive, friendly and fun learning environment.

TL;DR - The Jump genuinely care about your career; I began interviews and found myself in a new job within two weeks. If you're considering them, just go for it!

Andy's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Andy - Full-Stack Bootcamp

After a lot of research into Software Developer bootcamps, I decided to enrol with The Jump and I'm very glad I did. From the very first call I had with Rob and James, I knew I was making the right decision to choose them as it was obvious there was a genuine passion to help, as well as a determination to see you succeed, which remained throughout.

In terms of the course content, it’s up to date and focuses on frameworks that are current and highly sought after in the industry, which was a huge bonus in comparison to other courses, where it’s not always the case.

The course itself was in-depth, it covers a lot and the learning curve is steep. However, both Rob and James were always on hand to offer fantastic help and support and, more importantly, helped alleviate the overwhelming sense that I understood nothing!

The most impressive thing about the course, however, is the level of support that is available post-completion. From the research I did into other bootcamps, this is where I believe The Jump is head and shoulders above the competition. From my own experience, despite graduating over a year ago, I was able to ask for advice in preparation for an interview and both Rob and James were on hand at short notice to provide support. They show genuine concern for your future and have continued to help me and others long after graduation.

By joining The Jump you don't simply become a number. The staff take the time to get to know you and are genuinely invested in your future. I would thoroughly recommend The Jump to those looking to kick-start their career in Software Development and I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge that I gained during the course were instrumental in me securing a role as a software developer, and I can't thank the team enough for that.

Toby's testimonial for The Jump Digital School JavaScript Bootcamp

Toby - JavaScript Bootcamp

While all aspects of the Jumps program are top tier, the human aspect and level of support will supercede any other boot camp out there. Beyond teaching up-to-date, in-demand skills with strong day-to-day support, the guys are approachable, hard-working, and put every effort in to get you to succeed in your goals.

Lydia's testimonial for our Front-End Coding Bootcamp.

Lydia - Front-End Bootcamp

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with The Jump, I attended the Front End Bootcamp and my tutor was Russell. I'll start by saying the staff are all awesome, it's a family run business and they really care about the progress of all of their students and will go above and beyond to help you out or give you career advice. They have also taken on a few other teachers and teaching assistants who have all been vigorously screened and approved by James.

The teaching is also very thorough, so you won't graduate with a feeling that there are holes in your knowledge. Russell is a great teacher and above all just a great guy to know, he makes the 3 hour evening lessons breeze by. Most nights we kept him up talking untill pretty late because my cohort loved to chat!

I made great friends on the course, both with other students and the staff, and I'm incredibly thankful that I chose this course rather than one at another company, due to the class sizes and languages learned.

We also took part in a Hackathon, which was a great way to exercise what we'd learned and have a bit of fun competition (well, fun if you weren't on my team...I always intend to win).

All in all I wouldn't change much about the course, you get out what you put in and if you want to learn JavaScript I couldn't recommend better people to teach you.

Ian's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Mikel - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I joined The Jump’s Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp as a way to get into the industry, and I’ve just accepted my first software developer role in London.

I found that the knowledge and hands-on experience that I acquired during their 30-week, part-time bootcamp was really effective at preparing me for the industry, particularly after not coding for more than 6 years. It was also more effective than my previous formal education. But that’s not the only difference. After graduating from the bootcamp, both James and Rob went above and beyond in helping me through the process of getting a job as a software developer. At every stage they provided the extra support, advice and interview practice I needed to succeed.

Throughout both the learning and job-hunting processes they offered a personalized approach. I felt looked after as an individual and it felt like they cared about my success almost as much as I did.

The bootcamp was hard work, but it was absolutely worth it.

Suzanna's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Suzanna - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I was first taught by James at General Assembly, and when I heard that he had opened his own school, it was enough of a push to make me sign up and actually commit to something I’d been um-ing and ah-ing over for ages.

The Jump is very much a family affair - its run by a group of people who happen to be an actual family, but once you’re in, you’re basically part of the family too. Not only do they take you on this mammoth rollercoaster ride of programming but they also look after you and treat each person as an individual. They are always there to answer questions, technical or career related.

If you are looking for somewhere that will meet you in your efforts, The Jump won’t disappoint! You have to put the work in, you have to do the homework, to do the swotting up, try to really immerse yourself in the world that you’re about to have your eyes opened to. Basically you get what you give with coding, and if you’re willing to go the extra mile, The Jump will support you every step of the way.

The effort, precision and care that James puts into his lessons is just brilliant. Particularly in terms of the out-of-lesson help, which is so crucial when you are in your early stages. His instructions are clear and direct, both in person and in written form too.

I did the course whilst also working pretty much the equivalent of full time in freelance roles. I tried to study for the equivalent of at least one full day a week, but when there were bits I didn’t understand, I’d do more than that so that I could make the most out of the next lesson.

I won’t lie - the course is difficult! For me It felt like a huge jump when you start working with servers, but having knowledge of the full stack means that you can pretty much do anything, which is very inspiring.

I work in theatre and have already incorporated software made with the help of James and The Jump into a performance project, which was my ultimate goal when doing the course!

So yes I can recommend The Jump with my head and my heart. They are a great school and they’ll push you to be a brilliant coder.

Anjali's testimonial for The Jump's professional front-end coding bootcamp

Anjali - Front-End Bootcamp

I had very little knowledge about coding bootcamps, but wanting to change careers and researching many options, I came across The Jump and I have to say I didn’t make a mistake by joining this bootcamp - something I realised in the first week of our class.

I didn’t have any prior knowledge of coding so was completely new to this career path and decided to join the Front-End Development Course. I really enjoyed learning all I did on the course and am now feeling very confident about things compared to before. The main reason for this is The Jump and I’m proud of my choice.

The Jump is a great platform to start with if you’re looking to change careers or want to learn web development. The whole team is very supportive, helpful and friendly. My tutor was Russell and I must say he is one of the best teachers I’ve come across because the way he teaches is very effective and enjoyable. He interacts with the class by asking questions and providing various solutions as well as many kinds of games to play related to our course which makes it really fun.

James and Robert used to have private catch-up sessions with us to see how we were finding things which was great as we could talk to them about anything and they would happily help us. Towards the end of the course, we were asked to prepare our portfolio including all our projects that we had worked on and Robert was always really helpful in giving advice on it or any other things like our CV.

All the team members of this bootcamp are so helpful in their own way and whenever I asked anything to anyone, I got a really quick response which was impressive. I enjoyed my time and learnt a lot of things and it will definitely be beneficial for my future. For me it was a great start and I would like to thank each and every member of this bootcamp for everything.

Ciaran's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Cath - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I joined The Jump after doing a lot of research (and self-learning). When I say a lot, I mean a lot! I spoke with several 'big name' bootcamps, and was really surprised that in one case, they were unable to show me recent student projects, and in another that they didn't teach Javascript.

After finding the Jump and speaking to the team, it was really clear that after 30 weeks studying on the part-time curriculum, I could graduate with an in-depth knowledge of web development and a wide-ranging portfolio of showcase projects. Not one big final project, or four smaller pieces, I counted 16 on my site as we wrapped up. All built during the course. I would never have produced these projects, either the quality or volume had I continued self learning for a few hours here and there.

It was also clear that this is a people focused family business. It genuinely feels like your success, learning and development is the priority for the team.

The part time aspect was a total win for me. It meant I didn't have to leave a job I really enjoy (but was looking to expand on), and the best part, by having two instructor led sessions a week, plus homework and projects, there was the time and the repetition for all the knowledge we were soaking up to really embed before moving on to other concepts and aspects of development.

The curriculum is up to date with industry standards, and is incredibly in depth – you will learn A LOT. The lessons are well structured and documented. As other students have mentioned, James is a deeply knowledgeable instructor who brings years of experience as a commercial developer and teacher to the classroom.

TLDR – If you are curious, driven and want to build projects to kick-off or change-up your career, I'd recommend The Jump without hesitation. You will learn the 'why' as well as the 'how'. You will get out what you put in. For 30 weeks, I put everything I had into this process and I could not be happier with the outcome.

Ian's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Ian - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I came into the coding bootcamp world knowing no code but wanting to change careers. I researched a handful of the “bigger” names and picked one of the online full stack courses. After two weeks it was clear it didn’t work for me - the course was focused on technologies not used in the UK marketplace (no JavaScript on the course at all!), the teaching wasn’t great and the support hours were based on US times. So I went back to the drawing board and found The Jump….I’m so glad I did, the course has been a revelation for me.

The curriculum is thorough, up to date and focused on technologies that are being used in the marketplace today. There’s a HUGE amount of material to get through, but the course tutor, James takes you through it at the right pace to ensure you’re able to absorb it all before moving on to the next area. I think this is where the course shined the most for me was the teaching and support James provided. It’s awesome being taught by someone with years of actual development experience, the way he brings in real life commercial examples brings the teaching to life and helps to cement the knowledge.

The structure around building a portfolio of work to put in front of prospective employers is excellent. You’ll come out of the course with some fully functioning apps that you can show off. And it starts early as well, you’ll have a CSS piece done in the first few weeks.

The support from the team after graduation has been excellent as well. From helping with coding queries as you continue to build and refine your portfolio, to CV assistance and sending through job leads the guys have been incredible. Genuinely feels like they actually care about your next steps.

When you compare the cost of this to other bootcamps, it’s an absolute steal.

And best of all? They offered me a job at the end of it so I’m now spending time assisting new students as they begin their coding journey! :)

Natalia's testimonial for The Jump's part-time Full-Stack Coding bootcamp London

Natalia - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I joined The Jump knowing no code at all, and the Full Stack Web Development course gave me a strong foundation to be able to undertake various development projects and further progress on my own. I was looking for thorough tuition developing a proper understanding of all the aspects of the code and the development process, and I got so much more than that.
James is, as other graduates mentioned, a true master of the craft, always up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, and a great teacher. His lessons fit a lot in and are well structured to ensure proper understanding of the material. He always makes sure everything really 'clicks' with each student and offers tailored support for everyone, matching their needs and pace. Always available to help out online in between lessons, he answers the questions and helps if you're struggling as quickly as possible, so you can progress with your learning as much as possible.
Great support is there also after the graduation, whenever I have questions or get stuck I am always able to reach out to James to help out or point me in the right direction, most of the times it's propelling my learning worth a short workshop's takeaway. James also keeps us all in the loop with useful industry news via the school's slack channel.
Another advantage that meant a great deal to me, is the career support, with great advice and personalised interview preparation. Rob is always ready to help with any questions I have, from crafting the optimal CV to advice on applying for roles and talking to recruiters.
I am lucky to have chosen a school run by experienced and caring professionals, focused on helping their students become strong developers able to work and grow independently. A great place to learn the skills or expand and fine-tune your web development knowledge.

Dwayne's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's Full-Stack Bootcamp

Dwayne - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I had been working for a well known website for a number of years as a QA Engineer and wanted a fresh challenge. I'd always been interested in Web Development and had been exposed to it in my role as a QA but never thought I would be able to, pardon the pun, make 'the jump' from QA to Developer.

I looked at a few Bootcamps and came across The Jump Digital School. I contacted Rob and James who laid out what the course requirements would be and what would be provided. They made me feel sure about the decision I had made and continually encouraged you to progress throughout the course and after.

James makes all the students feel at ease as there is a diverse background of people from different types of industries who have all decided to make 'The Jump'. The lessons are clear and the course content is well structured and James takes the time to help each student who is stuck and is always on hand to assist, even when I have messaged at some crazy hours.

During my time on the Bootcamp I have learned a lot and feel better placed with the skills to gain a role as a web developer. Rob is always on hand for any advice for applying for roles, interview techniques and CV structure and overall encouragement among other things.

In all I greatly enjoyed my time at The Jump Digital School and would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into the tech industry or simply want to learn some technical skills, then 'The Jump Digital School' is the place for you.

Ciaran's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Ciaran - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I joined the Jump with a little knowledge of web technologies and an eagerness to learn. After looking at different schools & programs, I decided upon The Jump because of the syllabus which was relevant and up to date with industry standards, which I checked with friends already working in the web development sphere.

In an industry where the technology evolves faster than any potential curriculum could keep up, it is important to have a tutor who follows the latest developments and is willing to experiment with and teach this knowledge to his class. The tutor James really makes you engage with the learning process and tailors his support to your experience level/needs. He delivers his lessons in great detail, encouraging engagement with code-alongs and asking and answering complex questions. He also teaches with a sense of humour and compassion, which really helped when we had to move to remote learning at the beginning of the pandemic earlier this year.

Towards the end of the course, the team really push you to get ready a portfolio of work to demonstrate everything you have learned, across the entire tech-stack. And after you finish, Robert is at hand to help you with career support, and advise you for interviews and CV preparation. Robert is very approachable and friendly and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the job market.

I left The Jump with deep knowledge, understanding, and passion for skills that help me build solid web applications, and which will serve me well in the future job market.

Sam's testimonial for The Jump's part-time JavaScript Coding bootcamp London

Sam - JavaScript Bootcamp

The best investment I've made to advance my professional career. The course syllabus has provided me with a great foundation to undertake developer projects at work, unlike lots of other well-known coding boot camps, the program does not teach outdated teaching frameworks & languages that are no longer in demand. James, the tutor, is very responsive to questions, and it was a real privilege to have a highly skilled and experienced developer to learn from throughout the course. The classes are the right size so everyone can get one to one tutoring and detailed feedback on coding homework. If anyone is deliberating whether to sign up to the course, don't worry, it will be an excellent investment in your future and equip you with skills to stay relevant in the future job market.

Tom's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's Full-Stack Bootcamp

Tom - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I joined the jump with the goal of learning the skills required to build my own apps, as I have experience marketing websites. Since graduating not only have I built what I wanted to, but I'm now building tools, chrome extensions and more. I'm so pleased with the curriculum, format and team and would recommend the full stack course for both beginners and people who have done a few online courses but are looking to bring it all together.

Hannah's testimonial for The Jump Digital School JavaScript Bootcamp

Hannah - JavaScript Bootcamp

After trying out several online web courses, I found myself understanding most of the basics of Web development but still being confused when applying these to an actual project. The Jump was a great compromise for me as I wanted structured learning and hands on support but couldn't commit to a full time course. Although challenging, James always re-explained topics where necessary and would follow up with extra examples out of class. I'm in a much better position to work on personal projects and even after the course has finished, James is quick to answer questions when I'm struggling. This level of support can't be found anywhere else!

Ali's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's JavaScript Bootcamp

Ali - JavaScript Bootcamp

I am very delighted that I joined this bootcamp. James has led the Bootcamp and all training very professionally with real-time examples. He’s got a solid grip on the subject and is always helpful anytime if we need a hand/help or even if there’re any questions. Bootcamp is fast pace with a lot of material to go through for reference in future and covers all the aspects of web app development. Im currently practicing but the course has given me enough confidence to understand the complicated concepts and start implementing what I have learnt in practice project.

Thanks to James and Rob for such a practical and effective platform to brush up tech skills.

Josh's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's Full-Stack Bootcamp

Josh - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I really enjoyed this 30 week part time course (2 evenings a week). The ethos of the school is to build from the ground up - we spent 10 weeks working exclusively with HTML and CSS before moving onto JavaScript.  I had a fair bit of programming experience before joining but very little understanding of web development, so this arrangement suited me well.  Even after reaching week 11, there was a real emphasis on students being able to write proper JavaScript rather than diving straight into frameworks such as React and Express - although these were covered in some depth further down the line.

The Jump are a fairly small operation, which is great because they know who all their students are and have plenty of time for them as individuals. Our instructor James was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. His response times to queries I sent him throughout the course were often incredibly fast.

I was able to find a dev role part way through the course in large part thanks to a pre-existing contact (yes, lucky me). The skills I learned at The Jump have allowed me to excel in my first few months in this new role. I am a solid junior web developer thanks to the training I received.

Aaron's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's JavaScript Bootcamp

Aaron - JavaScript Bootcamp

The Jump has been life changing for me. Just one month into their JavaScript bootcamp and I was able to start interviewing for roles that I was originally planning on interviewing for in a year's time. I couldn't believe it but thanks to what I’d learned so far I got the job. I’ve never had such quick return on investment with anything. These guys have truly hit the nail on the head for the London market. So many bootcamps focus on Ruby but the demand is really for Javascript and their professional JS course is ridiculously thorough. I've tried a lot of different coding resources since starting my career and nothing quite beats face to face tuition with a professional. James, is a true master of his craft and his passion for quality code really rubs off on you!