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Kenan's testimonial for our Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp.

Kenan - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Civil Engineer to Software Engineer

Amazing Programme and Outstanding Support

I'm so grateful for the amazing experience I had with The Jump Digital School's part-time Full Stack Software Engineering Bootcamp. The amount of stuff I learned is just outstanding, thanks to incredible instructors like Russell Wilkes, who's an extremely knowledgeable and experienced software engineer. Employers are always super impressed by how much I know, and that's all thanks to the bootcamp. The support at The Jump is just unbelievable; whenever I have a question or need help, I get personalised attention right away, and this continues even after graduating. I'm so proud to be part of The Jump family!

Not only did I learn everything in the curriculum, but I also had the chance to explore other topics that interested me through one-on-one support. The management at The Jump is amazing - they're transparent, honest, and so supportive. It really makes the whole bootcamp experience special. Thanks to The Jump, I landed a well-paid job, and I would 100% recommend this cost-effective program to anyone thinking about a career in software engineering. It's been a total game-changer for me, and I know it can be for you too!

Gustavo's testimonial for our Software Engineering Bootcamp.

Gustavo - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Hospitality to Software Engineer

Before enrolling at The Jump, I was working in hospitality for several years. I joined The Jump’s full-time immersive full-stack software engineer bootcamp with the goal of changing to a career in software engineering. My experience at The Jump was great overall. The bootcamp not only sharpened my skills in modern web technologies but also equipped me with a strong foundation in JavaScript. The instructors are knowledgeable and exceptionally supportive, providing personalised guidance throughout the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced, collaborative environment at The Jump. Working on projects that simulated real-world challenges was exciting and provided me with a deep understanding of the tech industry. It was in these intense, hands-on projects that I truly found my passion for technology and coding. Choosing The Jump was one of the best decisions I have made for my career in technology. It has truly set me on a new path, and I am excited to see where my new skills will take me next.

Marisi's testimonial for our Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp.

Marisi - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from IT Manager to Software Engineer

Amazing Full Stack Developer Bootcamp!

I recently completed a Full Stack Development bootcamp with a focus on JavaScript and React, and I must say, it was an incredibly enriching experience. Here's my comprehensive review:

The curriculum was meticulously structured, covering everything from the fundamentals of JavaScript to advanced topics in React development. Each module built logically upon the previous one, ensuring a smooth learning curve. Moreover, the emphasis on hands-on projects allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, reinforcing my understanding of the concepts.

The instructors were highly knowledgeable and passionate about their field. They were always available to provide guidance, answer questions, and offer support whenever needed. Their real-world experience added immense value to the learning process, as they shared invaluable insights and best practices from their own careers.

One of the highlights of the bootcamp was the opportunity to work on various  projects. These projects were carefully designed to mimic industry scenarios, enabling me to develop not only technical skills but also teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills. Collaborating with peers on projects provided a holistic learning experience and prepared me for the collaborative nature of professional software development.

The support provided by the bootcamp staff was exceptional. From technical assistance to career guidance, they were always there to assist me throughout my journey.

In conclusion, my experience with this Full Stack Development bootcamp was nothing short of exceptional. Not only did I acquire the technical skills needed to excel in the field, but I also gained confidence, built a strong professional network, and developed a passion for lifelong learning. I would highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to kickstart their career in web development or enhance their existing skill set.

Neil's testimonial for our DevOps Engineering Bootcamp.

Neil - DevOps Engineering Bootcamp

Up-skilled as a Technical Product Owner

5* DevOps Boot camp

I recently completed The Jump's Digital DevOps boot camp, and I must say it was an incredible experience from start to finish. The curriculum was expertly designed, covering everything from basic principles to advanced techniques in DevOps practices and tools.

The instructors were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the subject matter, which made learning engaging and enjoyable. The hands-on projects and real-world simulations were particularly valuable as they allowed me to apply what I learned in a practical setting.
Moreover, the support from the school's staff and community was exceptional. Whether I had a technical question or needed guidance on career-related matters, there was always someone available to help.

Thanks to The Jump, I now feel confident in my DevOps skills and ready to take on new challenges in the tech industry. I highly recommend this boot camp to anyone looking to enhance their expertise in DevOps and advance their career in IT.

Jason's testimonial for our Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp.

Jason - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Wealth Manager to Software Engineer

From Study to Job Hunt

Not only take care your learning process but also how to find your first developer job and interview preparation. James and Rob are my lighthouse. I also asked Rob about my second job interviews. He taught me every soft skills you will need.

Lee's testimonial for our DevOps Engineering Bootcamp.

Lee - DevOps Engineering Bootcamp

Up-skilled as a Software Engineer

Brilliant and challenging course

I'd spent about a year considering whether to do this course, and I'm so glad I took 'the jump'. I took this course on to extend my software engineering skillset and become a more rounded developer by having a good understanding of DevOps.

The course was fast paced, exciting and great to go through. The curriculum is specifically designed and built in a way to mimic a real world environment, being presented with actual challenges to learn about and solve.

Anto, the instructor was excellent and has significant experience from the field which he was able to fully bring to the course. 2 sessions a week with homework in between was stretching, and achievable. Overall, I highly recommend anyone thinking of doing this course!

Evan's testimonial for our JavaScript Developer Bootcamp.

Evan - JavaScript Bootcamp

Changed career to Full-Stack Developer

Rewarding, challenging, life changing

I really enjoyed my bootcamp at The Jump, and would highly recommend it to anyone passionate about coding and tech that wants to learn to a professional level. For a while I wasn't so sure if a bootcamp was right for me. I had taken a Frontend development course with General Assembly, plus a couple of Udacity and Udemy courses, but was mostly self taught and worked in the tech industry in a non coding role. I wasn’t sure about next steps to become a developer, and found research online had mixed and slightly elitist views on bootcamps, particularly looking at the bigger, more well known ones.

What attracted me to The Jump was the  curriculum, which focused on the most up to date and relevant tech, very reasonable course fees compared to other schools, and also that they sought to correct some of the negatives that come with larger bootcamps. From the first call with Rob, who is friendly and helpful, I knew that this was going to be a bootcamp that is focused on and cares about student development and outcomes.

The Jump don’t pretend that their courses are a magic potion that will get you a job with no effort, but being a case of what you put in you get out.

I took the part time course professional JavaScript + dev ops course, which was every Tuesday and Thursday for 24 weeks. It allowed me to keep my full time job and learn on the side. I definitely felt overwhelmed at various points, as I had to give up a lot of free time to a very challenging, but rewarding course. You definitely have to find your own rhythm of studying, attending lessons, building projects/side projects, and whatever feels right for you and your energy.

My instructor Russell has over 20 years industry experience, and knows pretty much everything about any topic or tech. He cares deeply about your development, and always had time for me if I needed help.

They also use the services of someone who helps transform developer social media profiles, helping you secure that first job. Rob himself gave lots of career support after the course, and was instrumental in me getting my first developer role, which took about 6 weeks from when I started solidly applying to getting the offer. All in all, every developer has a different journey, but The Jump is definitely key to unlocking potential.

Will's testimonial for our Software Engineering Bootcamp.

Will - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Video Editor to Software Engineer

Very happy with The Jump

I can't thank Rob, Russell, James and Katie enough for their help in my journey to becoming a software engineer.

On my first call with Rob, he explained that he only wanted to progress with my application if he felt it was a good fit for me. This really stood out to me as I was quite hesitant about spending so much money. But clearly they aren't in this for the money. They care about whether or not the course is right for each student, and I felt the same care and attention throughout the rest of the course.

This is a company that really cares about each and every student.

I also want to especially commend Russell, my tutor. He's a fantastic teacher. He kept lessons light-hearted and fun while still being able to break down the complex topics to be easy to understand. And whenever I got stuck, or even if there was just a tech question I couldn't find the answer to on Google, he was always eager to hop on a zoom call and explain it to me.

I would highly recommend this course. I've even recommended it to a close friend of mine who is currently considering a career change. If you're passionate about tech, then you can't go wrong with The Jump.


Aaron's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Aaron - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Warehouse Assistant to Software Developer

Brilliant Online Coding Bootcamp (Part-time software engineer course)

The Jump was the perfect place for me to go from a coding beginner to a professional web developer.

I did the part time course, as the lessons fit perfectly around my job, and they gave out enough tasks to keep me busy in the days we had off. When learning a new topic my instructor, James, would take us through the theoretical side first, and then provide multiple examples which we could code along with. The topics were broad and in-depth, with specific up-to-date technologies included for each one.

After the course, I received great support while looking for a job, and secured a position within 6 months.

I would highly recommend The Jump as they will provide excellent and relevant information, as well as great support for your learning.

Stuart's testimonial for our Software Engineering Bootcamp.

Stuart - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from 2nd line Tech Support to Software Engineer

Great course!

I really enjoyed my course with The Jump and the things that I learnt meant I managed to get a job a few months after graduation! Compared to other bootcamps, The Jump seemed to have quite small classes (mine was 8) meaning if you needed any support it was readily available. James and Russell always had time for me if needed and seemed genuinely invested in making sure I got the best out of my time with them. The course was challenging, I worked full time from 9 to 6 most days to make sure I kept up with the days lessons and putting it into practice. But if you put in the effort you'll get a lot out. I would recommend it!

Charlotte's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Charlotte - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Publishing Editor to Software Engineer

Fantastic course! (Part-time software engineer course)

When researching bootcamps, the thing that really struck me about The Jump was just how friendly and open the team were. From that first call with Rob, I could tell I definitely wouldn’t be just a number to them and that they really cared about my career change journey. I was keen to find a course I could fit around my full-time job and The Jump offers just that (and seems to be one of a handful of bootcamps that does!). The thirty weeks really allow you to solidify everything you’re learning and the small class sizes mean you get to know the other people in your cohort. My instructor, James, was a fantastic teacher – he has decades of experience as a commercial software engineer so you know you’re getting taught by someone at the forefront of their field.

The course is made up of taught classes, twice a week, alongside code-alongs, homework, group and portfolio projects. We even did a hackathon, which was lots of fun. The curriculum at The Jump is incredibly thorough – during an interview, one hiring manager commented on how impressed they were with the breadth of topics I’d covered on the course. I will say that the course is intense, and challenging at times, but incredibly rewarding. If you put the work in, you really will see amazing results. And The Jump will support you every step of the way – they’re always on hand if you’re stuck on your homework or have a question about a lesson. By the end of the course, I had a range of projects that I’d built over the bootcamp that I could then use as a basis for my portfolio.

The career support The Jump offered following the completion of the course was also a huge plus. They’ll help you to really stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market, giving advice on your portfolio, LinkedIn, interview technique and more. I’m very happy to say I was offered a software job from a company I’m very excited about a couple of months after I finished the course. I really would recommend The Jump to anyone who is thinking of doing a coding bootcamp, particularly if you want to make a career change.

Matt's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Matt - JavaScript Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

Exactly what I wanted. After shopping around for different boot camps, I came across The Jump which looked like a the most beneficial and affordable option which could fit around my job at the time. The course gave me a solid grounding of JavaScript concepts before moving onto building projects with React which is clearly the most in demand framework which the majority of employers are looking for. The best part of the course is that the jump team prioritise your goals. Mine was to get a job as a developer and that’s what happened! I was also given great advice on what I should be trying to achieve with my job over the next 5 years. Both of our tutors over the course of the bootcamp were passionate about what they were teaching which made learning fun and engaging. After initially being unsure of taking the step of going on a bootcamp, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Colin's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Colin - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Teacher to Software Engineer

I completed the Jump Full stack Web developer course from January 2022 which took 6 months part time. I was starting from scratch with no coding experience and over the 6 months I managed to learn an amazing amount of industry relevant skills. It was very difficult (as a beginner) but James, my tutor would provide me with 121 support when I was struggling and I am very happy to have completed the course. On completion I continued to study independently and develop my own apps and in January I applied for a position as a Full stack developer and was offered the position. Im happy!

Garon's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Garon - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Plant Machinery Hire Desk Assistant to Software Engineer

The thing that struck me about The Jump when researching coding bootcamps was the fact that it seemed far more personable than many others. From the first phone call with Rob, I knew that I would be well supported throughout the whole process. It did not disappoint! 
The curriculum provided by The Jump was comprehensive (and challenging) and our instructor was incredible. There is also a great sense of community among the students, which really helps. 
I would highly recommend this course.

Ryan's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Ryan - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Admin to Software Engineer

I'm a former administrator who wanted to make a career change into coding, and The Jump's part-time course was the perfect way for me to do it. I found them online and was impressed by Rob's passion for helping people break into the coding industry from our very first call.

Despite working full time and during a big life change (the birth of my first child during the course), the flexible schedule allowed me to balance work, family, and learning to code.

The small class sizes and friendly atmosphere made The Jump a great experience. Even over Zoom, we had a strong sense of community and I met some amazing people.

The Jump's comprehensive education and support made it possible for me to learn a lot and work hard. They also record sessions, so you can go back and review the material.

Though we had an instructor change due to unforeseen circumstances midway through the course, The Jump handled it well, and the handover was smooth. I was lucky to have Russell for the rest of the course, who was an amazing teacher and lovely guy, bringing laughs and making the material easy to understand.

Thanks to The Jump, I found a job at a software company after finishing the course. I highly recommend The Jump to anyone looking to break into the tech industry. Their team cares about their students and provides excellent teaching, support, and guidance every step of the way.

Jessie's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Jessie - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Architect to Software Engineer

I loved my experience at the Jump. I found that everyone at the Jump was incredibly supportive and had a lot of time for me. It felt that they were passionate about what they do, they enjoy it and want to help people find the same thing. My cohort was small (5 people) and full-time.

The course was challenging but incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. It felt like you didn’t know anything until you moved on to the next thing where you realised you did actually know the previous thing quite well. My tutor, Russell, was fantastic and always there to answer questions whether detailed or conceptual, about code or the industry. I was surprised that within a short period of time I felt I had the confidence to speak like a developer, I was surprised at the transition.

Once the course finished we had some really great advice from Rob that helped us understand what people hiring are looking for, how they think, and how to prepare and present ourselves at each stage. This process was individualised and incredibly useful for this first job and no-doubt throughout the rest of my career. Within a couple months I had a multiple job offers and am excited for my first role in the tech industry to start next week. I definitely couldn’t have got the job I ended up with without the Jump.

I would recommend anyone thinking about doing a bootcamp to arrange a call with Rob and find out about the Jump.

Krish's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Krish - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Graphic Designer to Software Engineer

During the pandemic I realised that I wanted to change careers. Having had a successful graphic design career I wanted to gain the skills in building professional websites and web apps. Rather than a short intensive course offering multiple languages, I wanted a part-time course which focused on one main programming language and one that allowed me to work part-time. This led me to finding The Jump Digital School.

What caught my eye was that The Jump specialise in part-time first, and it seemed that the people behind course knew that both learning and career changing takes time. I had a really open and honest conversation with Rob about the specifics of why I want to change careers and how they can best facilitate this. I came away realising that I would be joining an educational community, one that had my best interests in mind at every step of the process.

My tutor for the course was Russell who knows the languages on an incredibly intimate level. What struck me from day one was the level of depth and detail of the course, there was never a subject or topic that was skimmed over. His enthusiasm for everything programming and technology really resonated with me, allowing me to initially start building small sites, all the way through to full-stack web apps and websites. Russell’s support goes beyond from just de-bugging your code, he asks you questions not to catch you out, but to allow you to approach your problem logically.

When graduating from the course, we were given in-depth job application support and advice from Rob. He provides you with insights into how recruiters think, what they look for and how to prepare for each stage. Constantly supporting you at every stage of the process. What separates The Jump from all other forms of education, including University is the level of support they provide you. They are always on hand to support you at every step of the course and this does not change when the course is completed.

Within just 5 weeks of applying for jobs I landed my first role as a Junior Software Developer. I personally believe this transition would never have been possible without The Jump and their on-going support. I would 100% recommend The Jump to anyone who is contemplating a career change into Web Development. They will support and provide you with everything you need to blossom into a Web Developer.

Freddie's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Freddie - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Polo Player to Software Engineer

The Jump is a fantastic school that from day 1 had my best interest in mind. They are a family run business and my particular cohort was small and intimate which made for a great learning experience. The full time course is very full on and is a lot to take in but our instructor Russell was always there to help with anything. I could always jump on a quick call when I was stuck.
The highlight for me was the hackathon which seemed daunting at first but we all came away from it having learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this course!

Grazell's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Grazell - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career from Teacher to Software Engineer

I’ll start by saying that I would 100% recommend The Jump to anyone who wants to get into web development. Regardless of your tech knowledge, or the lack thereof, as long as you’re willing to put the work in and you’re enthusiastic to learn, then The Jump has your back for everything else.

As someone who is changing career from a non-tech background, you can imagine how scary it is to take the leap and make that big decision. From the get-go, Rob and James made it feel so accessible and you immediately get the essence that you are joining a family. One main element that I’m sure resonates with everyone whose been through The Jump is that we are treated as individuals rather than just a statistic.

In addition to that, the content of the course is top-notch! They really took the time to create in-depth lesson materials that contains best practices and up-to-date information on technologies that are in-demand today. The tutor, Russell, was very dedicated and treated us not only as eager learners but also as professionals. His deep knowledge and contagious enthusiasm for everything techy makes the lessons engaging and really prompts you to want to know more.

Importantly, it was just really fun. I always looked forward to my Tuesday and Thursday nights to agonise over new information from Russell. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not easy and it highly requires your efforts; but as long as you’re willing to learn, the difficult parts of it becomes a welcomed challenge. There is always someone available to give guidance when you need it.

So, what happens after? Thankfully, your relationship with The Jump doesn’t end when the lessons end. That’s probably one of the most important aspects of this course too. They are dedicated to help you through the application process for you to get that very important first job! I definitely needed lots of help in that area and talking to Rob, James, Katie and Russell eased my worries. From CVs, to job hunting process, to interview preps, to just general motivational push, they were very supportive through it all.

Within 2 weeks of firing out applications, I landed my first role as a Junior Full-Stack Engineer. It took less than a year for me to completely change career and I honestly can’t imagine being able to do that successfully, within that timeframe, without The Jump.

And as a bonus, their Socials are a great way to meet the people that you mainly see in squares on zoom and others that are in the same position as you! Plus, you MIGHT get to see Russell’s small phone in person! (You’ll have to join to know😉).

So if you want to get into coding, join The Jump! it’s worth every penny.