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Stuart's testimonial for our Software Engineering Bootcamp.

Stuart - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

Great course!

I really enjoyed my course with The Jump and the things that I learnt meant I managed to get a job a few months after graduation! Compared to other bootcamps, The Jump seemed to have quite small classes (mine was 8) meaning if you needed any support it was readily available. James and Russell always had time for me if needed and seemed genuinely invested in making sure I got the best out of my time with them. The course was challenging, I worked full time from 9 to 6 most days to make sure I kept up with the days lessons and putting it into practice. But if you put in the effort you'll get a lot out. I would recommend it!

Charlotte's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Charlotte - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

Fantastic course! (Part-time software engineer course)

When researching bootcamps, the thing that really struck me about The Jump was just how friendly and open the team were. From that first call with Rob, I could tell I definitely wouldn’t be just a number to them and that they really cared about my career change journey. I was keen to find a course I could fit around my full-time job and The Jump offers just that (and seems to be one of a handful of bootcamps that does!). The thirty weeks really allow you to solidify everything you’re learning and the small class sizes mean you get to know the other people in your cohort. My instructor, James, was a fantastic teacher – he has decades of experience as a commercial software engineer so you know you’re getting taught by someone at the forefront of their field.

The course is made up of taught classes, twice a week, alongside code-alongs, homework, group and portfolio projects. We even did a hackathon, which was lots of fun. The curriculum at The Jump is incredibly thorough – during an interview, one hiring manager commented on how impressed they were with the breadth of topics I’d covered on the course. I will say that the course is intense, and challenging at times, but incredibly rewarding. If you put the work in, you really will see amazing results. And The Jump will support you every step of the way – they’re always on hand if you’re stuck on your homework or have a question about a lesson. By the end of the course, I had a range of projects that I’d built over the bootcamp that I could then use as a basis for my portfolio.

The career support The Jump offered following the completion of the course was also a huge plus. They’ll help you to really stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market, giving advice on your portfolio, LinkedIn, interview technique and more. I’m very happy to say I was offered a software job from a company I’m very excited about a couple of months after I finished the course. I really would recommend The Jump to anyone who is thinking of doing a coding bootcamp, particularly if you want to make a career change.

Matt's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Matt - JavaScript Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

Exactly what I wanted. After shopping around for different boot camps, I came across The Jump which looked like a the most beneficial and affordable option which could fit around my job at the time. The course gave me a solid grounding of JavaScript concepts before moving onto building projects with React which is clearly the most in demand framework which the majority of employers are looking for. The best part of the course is that the jump team prioritise your goals. Mine was to get a job as a developer and that’s what happened! I was also given great advice on what I should be trying to achieve with my job over the next 5 years. Both of our tutors over the course of the bootcamp were passionate about what they were teaching which made learning fun and engaging. After initially being unsure of taking the step of going on a bootcamp, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Colin's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Colin - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

I completed the Jump Full stack Web developer course from January 2022 which took 6 months part time. I was starting from scratch with no coding experience and over the 6 months I managed to learn an amazing amount of industry relevant skills. It was very difficult (as a beginner) but James, my tutor would provide me with 121 support when I was struggling and I am very happy to have completed the course. On completion I continued to study independently and develop my own apps and in January I applied for a position as a Full stack developer and was offered the position. Im happy!

Garon's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Garon - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

The thing that struck me about The Jump when researching coding bootcamps was the fact that it seemed far more personable than many others. From the first phone call with Rob, I knew that I would be well supported throughout the whole process. It did not disappoint! 
The curriculum provided by The Jump was comprehensive (and challenging) and our instructor was incredible. There is also a great sense of community among the students, which really helps. 
I would highly recommend this course.

Ryan's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Ryan - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

I'm a former administrator who wanted to make a career change into coding, and The Jump's part-time course was the perfect way for me to do it. I found them online and was impressed by Rob's passion for helping people break into the coding industry from our very first call.

Despite working full time and during a big life change (the birth of my first child during the course), the flexible schedule allowed me to balance work, family, and learning to code.

The small class sizes and friendly atmosphere made The Jump a great experience. Even over Zoom, we had a strong sense of community and I met some amazing people.

The Jump's comprehensive education and support made it possible for me to learn a lot and work hard. They also record sessions, so you can go back and review the material.

Though we had an instructor change due to unforeseen circumstances midway through the course, The Jump handled it well, and the handover was smooth. I was lucky to have Russell for the rest of the course, who was an amazing teacher and lovely guy, bringing laughs and making the material easy to understand.

Thanks to The Jump, I found a job at a software company after finishing the course. I highly recommend The Jump to anyone looking to break into the tech industry. Their team cares about their students and provides excellent teaching, support, and guidance every step of the way.

Jessie's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Jessie - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

I loved my experience at the Jump. I found that everyone at the Jump was incredibly supportive and had a lot of time for me. It felt that they were passionate about what they do, they enjoy it and want to help people find the same thing. My cohort was small (5 people) and full-time.

The course was challenging but incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. It felt like you didn’t know anything until you moved on to the next thing where you realised you did actually know the previous thing quite well. My tutor, Russell, was fantastic and always there to answer questions whether detailed or conceptual, about code or the industry. I was surprised that within a short period of time I felt I had the confidence to speak like a developer, I was surprised at the transition.

Once the course finished we had some really great advice from Rob that helped us understand what people hiring are looking for, how they think, and how to prepare and present ourselves at each stage. This process was individualised and incredibly useful for this first job and no-doubt throughout the rest of my career. Within a couple months I had a multiple job offers and am excited for my first role in the tech industry to start next week. I definitely couldn’t have got the job I ended up with without the Jump.

I would recommend anyone thinking about doing a bootcamp to arrange a call with Rob and find out about the Jump.

Krish's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Krish - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

During the pandemic I realised that I wanted to change careers. Having had a successful graphic design career I wanted to gain the skills in building professional websites and web apps. Rather than a short intensive course offering multiple languages, I wanted a part-time course which focused on one main programming language and one that allowed me to work part-time. This led me to finding The Jump Digital School.

What caught my eye was that The Jump specialise in part-time first, and it seemed that the people behind course knew that both learning and career changing takes time. I had a really open and honest conversation with Rob about the specifics of why I want to change careers and how they can best facilitate this. I came away realising that I would be joining an educational community, one that had my best interests in mind at every step of the process.

My tutor for the course was Russell who knows the languages on an incredibly intimate level. What struck me from day one was the level of depth and detail of the course, there was never a subject or topic that was skimmed over. His enthusiasm for everything programming and technology really resonated with me, allowing me to initially start building small sites, all the way through to full-stack web apps and websites. Russell’s support goes beyond from just de-bugging your code, he asks you questions not to catch you out, but to allow you to approach your problem logically.

When graduating from the course, we were given in-depth job application support and advice from Rob. He provides you with insights into how recruiters think, what they look for and how to prepare for each stage. Constantly supporting you at every stage of the process. What separates The Jump from all other forms of education, including University is the level of support they provide you. They are always on hand to support you at every step of the course and this does not change when the course is completed.

Within just 5 weeks of applying for jobs I landed my first role as a Junior Software Developer. I personally believe this transition would never have been possible without The Jump and their on-going support. I would 100% recommend The Jump to anyone who is contemplating a career change into Web Development. They will support and provide you with everything you need to blossom into a Web Developer.

Freddie's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Freddie - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

The Jump is a fantastic school that from day 1 had my best interest in mind. They are a family run business and my particular cohort was small and intimate which made for a great learning experience. The full time course is very full on and is a lot to take in but our instructor Russell was always there to help with anything. I could always jump on a quick call when I was stuck.
The highlight for me was the hackathon which seemed daunting at first but we all came away from it having learnt a lot and really enjoyed it. I highly recommend this course!

Grazell's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Grazell - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

I’ll start by saying that I would 100% recommend The Jump to anyone who wants to get into web development. Regardless of your tech knowledge, or the lack thereof, as long as you’re willing to put the work in and you’re enthusiastic to learn, then The Jump has your back for everything else.

As someone who is changing career from a non-tech background, you can imagine how scary it is to take the leap and make that big decision. From the get-go, Rob and James made it feel so accessible and you immediately get the essence that you are joining a family. One main element that I’m sure resonates with everyone whose been through The Jump is that we are treated as individuals rather than just a statistic.

In addition to that, the content of the course is top-notch! They really took the time to create in-depth lesson materials that contains best practices and up-to-date information on technologies that are in-demand today. The tutor, Russell, was very dedicated and treated us not only as eager learners but also as professionals. His deep knowledge and contagious enthusiasm for everything techy makes the lessons engaging and really prompts you to want to know more.

Importantly, it was just really fun. I always looked forward to my Tuesday and Thursday nights to agonise over new information from Russell. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not easy and it highly requires your efforts; but as long as you’re willing to learn, the difficult parts of it becomes a welcomed challenge. There is always someone available to give guidance when you need it.

So, what happens after? Thankfully, your relationship with The Jump doesn’t end when the lessons end. That’s probably one of the most important aspects of this course too. They are dedicated to help you through the application process for you to get that very important first job! I definitely needed lots of help in that area and talking to Rob, James, Katie and Russell eased my worries. From CVs, to job hunting process, to interview preps, to just general motivational push, they were very supportive through it all.

Within 2 weeks of firing out applications, I landed my first role as a Junior Full-Stack Engineer. It took less than a year for me to completely change career and I honestly can’t imagine being able to do that successfully, within that timeframe, without The Jump.

And as a bonus, their Socials are a great way to meet the people that you mainly see in squares on zoom and others that are in the same position as you! Plus, you MIGHT get to see Russell’s small phone in person! (You’ll have to join to know😉).

So if you want to get into coding, join The Jump! it’s worth every penny.

Steven's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Steven - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

What a great school! I initially found The Jump through a recommendation and had scheduled my first call with Rob. Rob was great to talk to, he told me about the course, all the different options and what to expect. I could tell he was really passionate and truly wanted to help those who looking to make a move into the coding industry. Compared to other schools, I really liked how small the classes were and that they taught Javascript; which is a lot more useful in terms of finding a job.

I opted for the Full-stack developer full-time course. As this was a full-time course, it was quite intensive in how much we learnt each day but the material and our teacher Russell made it easy to keep up. I always felt that if I didn't quite understand something, there was plenty of support from our teacher.

After completing my course, there was a lot of support from the team in applying for jobs and providing plenty of advice. This was really beneficial as it didn't feel like you were left behind once the course was over. I have just managed to secure a job a few weeks after the course has ended.

Overall, I would definitely recommend The Jump! Everyone in the team, Rob, James, Katie & Russell, are really passionate in helping you become the best you can be and are just such nice people. They will guide you along the way and do their upmost best to help you on this journey.

Sam's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Sam - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

The Jump is worth every penny and it has been the best decision I have made.

I had decided to make a career change from aviation to web development and The Jump helped make it happen so quickly and smoothly.

What puts The Jump above other similar courses is that you’re not treated like a number. From the moment I expressed interest to the moment I got a job and even after that, everyone at The Jump truly cares about my learning and my career. This is achieved as they have small class sizes, about 10-15 per class I think at a maximum. This means your course mates and tutor can get to know you. You can ask questions during the lesson and have fun, it’s a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to be in.

The owners, Rob, James and Katie, have created a truly exceptional course which goes into great depth on many subjects. By the end of the course you will have a brilliant portfolio of projects that demonstrate the knowledge you have gained.

Don’t get me wrong, software engineering may be one of the most challenging things to learn BUT the support network of other students as well as passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable tutors makes it significantly easier to do. Anyone who is truly driven to become a software developer will become one with the help of this course.

Once the course is over doesn’t mean you won’t continue to get support from everyone at The Jump. They will help you with projects, creating a CV, interview preparation and career advice.

Two weeks after finishing the last lesson I had a fantastic job offer from a large bank as a software engineer. So, in less than a year I had made a big career change and got myself on the ladder and I have The Jump to thank for that.

11/10 would recommend to anyone who is looking to become a software engineer.

Beth's testimonial for our Front-End Coding Bootcamp.

Beth - Web Developer Bootcamp

Up-skilled as a Software Developer

The Jump really offers a next level, in-depth course, which I just couldn't seem to find anywhere else.

The teaching by Russell was fantastic. Everything was explained so clearly and there was never a question he wasn't able to answer and he was always able to explain the reasoning behind something. He was also always available throughout the week for help with any difficulties that had cropped up from the homework or whilst reviewing a lesson.

What's so great about The Jump is that you can tell that literally everyone involved is really passionate about creating a really high quality course. I always felt like I mattered as an individual and not just as a number or statistic to brag about.

I've come away from the course feeling like I'm ready to get a job as a developer (which I have!), which I'm not sure a lot of courses can offer.

Also, the fact I could study alongside my full time job was great and meant I didn't have to lose out on income whilst learning.

Would 100% recommend for anyone wanting to really get into coding seriously.

Amy's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Faith - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

Changing careers is hard enough, but this coding school was just what I needed. The Jump are top tier quality, teaching you what is in demand in the job market and doing so with unparalleled support and humanity, which at the end of the day (especially during a pandemic), makes all the difference. Even though this school is continuing to flourish and expand, as a student you will not feel like a number. Not only are class sizes moderately small, but these guys are kind, down to earth, brilliant (of course) and genuinely care about how you do if you are willing to put the effort in. They provide the space and resources for you to learn at your own pace, while regularly checking in with you through the programme and job search and seeing how they can help.

There were many times where I was struggling during the course, and I cannot emphasise enough how that support was always there. I am incredibly grateful for my instructor, Russell, for his patience and always putting in the extra 1to1’s in the calendar to help get me there. Apart from being a wiz in his technical craft, he is an excellent instructor that puts the effort into reframing concepts and making them more digestible, all the while adding in humour and the much needed hope at times.

After about of month of applying to jobs I have already accepted an offer. Once again, The Jump was there to help during that time (from interview prep to debriefs and encouragement) and offer advice where needed. No doubt is this family run company, a special group of individuals. I would wholeheartedly recommend The Jump to anyone.

Josh's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Josh - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

The single most important thing that puts The Jump above other coding bootcamps is the fact that the owners, Rob and James, care so much about each individual student. It's clear from day one that it's their mission for you to succeed in whatever it is you choose to do after completing The Jump.

Secondly, the caliber of teaching provided by The Jump is astounding. I was taught by Russell who is not only a brilliant guy but also one of the most knowledgeable and experienced developers I've ever met. He's extremely dedicated to teaching and his passion really comes across during lessons.

As for the course itself, the tech stack taught is exactly what the technology market is looking for, with myself being taught React.js for handling the front end and Express.js for the back. Both techniques are hugely popular at the moment with more and more web applications transitioning to them every day.

All in I'd have to say if you want to upskill or totally make the change to the tech industry (you don't need any prior coding experience for The Jump) then go for it! I have secured a job in the tech industry within a month of applying for positions, so the skills they teach are clearly in demand!

Amy's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Amy - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

As a full-time working mum, it was difficult to find a course that would provide security where I could learn and work at the same time. I found The Jump and spoke to Robert who from the beginning seemed to cut through all the other bullsh*t you can get from other bootcamps and seemed to genuinely care about my reasoning behind making a career move. I joined, made the commitment and studied hard with Russell, who is an excellent tutor, and supported me throughout.

The Course
The course was varied; beginning with HTML and CSS, it quickly gathered pace when we hit Javascript and by the time I reached React, I couldn't believe how far I'd come in a matter of months and how creative I could be with my code.

Of course, I sometimes doubted myself, but was constantly supported and never felt like I was left behind. They genuinely cared about everyone on the bootcamp, and that was refreshing.

On 'graduation', I took my time to finish my portfolio and began job hunting. Within two weeks, I had a new career as a developer.

I honestly can't believe how quick it's all been. It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made, and would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone looking for a supportive, friendly and fun learning environment.

TL;DR - The Jump genuinely care about your career; I began interviews and found myself in a new job within two weeks. If you're considering them, just go for it!

Andy's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Andy - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

After a lot of research into Software Developer bootcamps, I decided to enrol with The Jump and I'm very glad I did. From the very first call I had with Rob and James, I knew I was making the right decision to choose them as it was obvious there was a genuine passion to help, as well as a determination to see you succeed, which remained throughout.

In terms of the course content, it’s up to date and focuses on frameworks that are current and highly sought after in the industry, which was a huge bonus in comparison to other courses, where it’s not always the case.

The course itself was in-depth, it covers a lot and the learning curve is steep. However, both Rob and James were always on hand to offer fantastic help and support and, more importantly, helped alleviate the overwhelming sense that I understood nothing!

The most impressive thing about the course, however, is the level of support that is available post-completion. From the research I did into other bootcamps, this is where I believe The Jump is head and shoulders above the competition. From my own experience, despite graduating over a year ago, I was able to ask for advice in preparation for an interview and both Rob and James were on hand at short notice to provide support. They show genuine concern for your future and have continued to help me and others long after graduation.

By joining The Jump you don't simply become a number. The staff take the time to get to know you and are genuinely invested in your future. I would thoroughly recommend The Jump to those looking to kick-start their career in Software Development and I have no doubt that the skills and knowledge that I gained during the course were instrumental in me securing a role as a software developer, and I can't thank the team enough for that.

Toby's testimonial for The Jump Digital School JavaScript Bootcamp

Toby - JavaScript Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

While all aspects of the Jumps program are top tier, the human aspect and level of support will supercede any other boot camp out there. Beyond teaching up-to-date, in-demand skills with strong day-to-day support, the guys are approachable, hard-working, and put every effort in to get you to succeed in your goals.

Lydia's testimonial for our Front-End Coding Bootcamp.

Lydia - Web Developer Bootcamp


I thoroughly enjoyed my time with The Jump, I attended the Front End Bootcamp and my tutor was Russell. I'll start by saying the staff are all awesome, it's a family run business and they really care about the progress of all of their students and will go above and beyond to help you out or give you career advice. They have also taken on a few other teachers and teaching assistants who have all been vigorously screened and approved by James.

The teaching is also very thorough, so you won't graduate with a feeling that there are holes in your knowledge. Russell is a great teacher and above all just a great guy to know, he makes the 3 hour evening lessons breeze by. Most nights we kept him up talking untill pretty late because my cohort loved to chat!

I made great friends on the course, both with other students and the staff, and I'm incredibly thankful that I chose this course rather than one at another company, due to the class sizes and languages learned.

We also took part in a Hackathon, which was a great way to exercise what we'd learned and have a bit of fun competition (well, fun if you weren't on my team...I always intend to win).

All in all I wouldn't change much about the course, you get out what you put in and if you want to learn JavaScript I couldn't recommend better people to teach you.

Ian's testimonial for our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp.

Mikel - Software Engineering Bootcamp

Changed career to Software Engineer

I joined The Jump’s Full-Stack Developer Bootcamp as a way to get into the industry, and I’ve just accepted my first software developer role in London.

I found that the knowledge and hands-on experience that I acquired during their 30-week, part-time bootcamp was really effective at preparing me for the industry, particularly after not coding for more than 6 years. It was also more effective than my previous formal education. But that’s not the only difference. After graduating from the bootcamp, both James and Rob went above and beyond in helping me through the process of getting a job as a software developer. At every stage they provided the extra support, advice and interview practice I needed to succeed.

Throughout both the learning and job-hunting processes they offered a personalized approach. I felt looked after as an individual and it felt like they cared about my success almost as much as I did.

The bootcamp was hard work, but it was absolutely worth it.