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Hannah's testimonial for The Jump Digital School JavaScript Bootcamp

Hannah - JavaScript Bootcamp

After trying out several online web courses, I found myself understanding most of the basics of Web development but still being confused when applying these to an actual project. The Jump was a great compromise for me as I wanted structured learning and hands on support but couldn't commit to a full time course. Although challenging, James always re-explained topics where necessary and would follow up with extra examples out of class. I'm in a much better position to work on personal projects and even after the course has finished, James is quick to answer questions when I'm struggling. This level of support can't be found anywhere else!

Aaron's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's JavaScript Bootcamp

Aaron - JavaScript Bootcamp

The Jump has been life changing for me. Just one month into their JavaScript bootcamp and I was able to start interviewing for roles that I was originally planning on interviewing for in a year's time. I couldn't believe it but thanks to what I’d learned so far I got the job. I’ve never had such quick return on investment with anything. These guys have truly hit the nail on the head for the London market. So many bootcamps focus on Ruby but the demand is really for Javascript and their professional JS course is ridiculously thorough. I've tried a lot of different coding resources since starting my career and nothing quite beats face to face tuition with a professional. James, is a true master of his craft and his passion for quality code really rubs off on you!

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

Joshua - Front-End Bootcamp

This course took me from basic HTML through CSS to JavaScript and React. Coming from a position of knowing almost no code, I am now confident in my ability to create professional-grade websites and apps from scratch. The tutor James fits a lot into each class and he's always on hand to solve your problems and help with any extra-curricular coding you might be working on. He's also a helpful guide to the kinds of professional routes and issues you will encounter as a real-life developer.

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

Natalia - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I joined The Jump knowing no code at all, and the Full Stack Web Development course gave me a strong foundation to be able to undertake various development projects and further progress on my own. I was looking for thorough tuition developing a proper understanding of all the aspects of the code and the development process, and I got so much more than that.
James is, as other graduates mentioned, a true master of the craft, always up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry, and a great teacher. His lessons fit a lot in and are well structured to ensure proper understanding of the material. He always makes sure everything really 'clicks' with each student and offers tailored support for everyone, matching their needs and pace. Always available to help out online in between lessons, he answers the questions and helps if you're struggling as quickly as possible, so you can progress with your learning as much as possible.
Great support is there also after the graduation, whenever I have questions or get stuck I am always able to reach out to James to help out or point me in the right direction, most of the times it's propelling my learning worth a short workshop's takeaway. James also keeps us all in the loop with useful industry news via the school's slack channel.
Another advantage that meant a great deal to me, is the career support, with great advice and personalised interview preparation. Rob is always ready to help with any questions I have, from crafting the optimal CV to advice on applying for roles and talking to recruiters.
I am lucky to have chosen a school run by experienced and caring professionals, focused on helping their students become strong developers able to work and grow independently. A great place to learn the skills or expand and fine-tune your web development knowledge.

Dwayne's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's Full-Stack Bootcamp

Dwayne - Full-Stack Bootcamp

I had been working for a well known website for a number of years as a QA Engineer and wanted a fresh challenge. I'd always been interested in Web Development and had been exposed to it in my role as a QA but never thought I would be able to, pardon the pun, make 'the jump' from QA to Developer.

I looked at a few Bootcamps and came across The Jump Digital School. I contacted Rob and James who laid out what the course requirements would be and what would be provided. They made me feel sure about the decision I had made and continually encouraged you to progress throughout the course and after.

James makes all the students feel at ease as there is a diverse background of people from different types of industries who have all decided to make 'The Jump'. The lessons are clear and the course content is well structured and James takes the time to help each student who is stuck and is always on hand to assist, even when I have messaged at some crazy hours.

During my time on the Bootcamp I have learned a lot and feel better placed with the skills to gain a role as a web developer. Rob is always on hand for any advice for applying for roles, interview techniques and CV structure and overall encouragement among other things.

In all I greatly enjoyed my time at The Jump Digital School and would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into the tech industry or simply want to learn some technical skills, then 'The Jump Digital School' is the place for you.

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

Sam - JavaScript Bootcamp

The best investment I've made to advance my professional career. The course syllabus has provided me with a great foundation to undertake developer projects at work, unlike lots of other well-known coding boot camps, the program does not teach outdated teaching frameworks & languages that are no longer in demand. James, the tutor, is very responsive to questions, and it was a real privilege to have a highly skilled and experienced developer to learn from throughout the course. The classes are the right size so everyone can get one to one tutoring and detailed feedback on coding homework. If anyone is deliberating whether to sign up to the course, don't worry, it will be an excellent investment in your future and equip you with skills to stay relevant in the future job market.

Ed's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's JavaScript Bootcamp

Ed - Full-Stack Bootcamp

James is a great teacher and the course covers all you need to become a developer (I took the full stack course). The teaching style really worked for me, and the fact that it's part time allowed me to take it without taking time off work. Being able to pay in installments also helped a great deal. I would recommend it to anyone looking to change careers or to widen their skillset.

Ali's Testimonial for The Jump Digital School's JavaScript Bootcamp

Ali - JavaScript Bootcamp

I am very delighted that I joined this bootcamp. James has led the Bootcamp and all training very professionally with real-time examples. He’s got a solid grip on the subject and is always helpful anytime if we need a hand/help or even if there’re any questions. Bootcamp is fast pace with a lot of material to go through for reference in future and covers all the aspects of web app development. Im currently practicing but the course has given me enough confidence to understand the complicated concepts and start implementing what I have learnt in practice project.

Thanks to James and Rob for such a practical and effective platform to brush up tech skills.