Career-Change Support

Our career-change support will help you make the jump into tech as a software developer

Our career-change support has helped our students become software developers at lots of cool companies including:

EA Games
Let's Do This
Publicis Emil
Money Super Market
Intelligence Fusion
Alacrity Foundation
Supermassive Games
Practical Software Solutions
Lloyds Banking Group
Publicis Emil
The Guardian
Somo Digital Product Agency
Guidant Global
Feed Agency
Message from a student confirming they had received an offer

To secure opportunities in tech you need to be good at 2 things:

1. Doing the job
2. Getting the job

The problem is you don’t get a chance to do the first until you’re good at the second.

That’s where our career-change support comes in.

How it works if you're an existing student of the jump:

We’ll reach out to you at different points in the bootcamp to start the different parts of the process, but as an overview the career-change support entails:

Job Search: Learn where to look for opportunities, what job boards to use, recruiters to connect with and how to interpret job specs

Networks and roles: We'll introduce you to our alumni, any firms we're partnered with and share opportunities that are shared with us

Applying: We'll reformat your CV to stand out and be easier for recruiters to find you, see your value quickly and demonstrate your skills and experience. We’ll also give you access to a platform to manage and track all your applications

Portfolio: Your portfolio is your shop window - we'll help you build and curate it to demonstrate all your skills, which will be invaluable for accessing opportunities

Interviewing: We'll run mock interviews to give you some understanding of the interview process, what to expect and how to get the best results

How it works if you're NOT an existing student of the jump:

The support looks similar to that detailed above, except that rather than helping you build and curate your portfolio, we can review your portfolio and make recommendations to you.

As an example, we had a budding developer reach out to us recently, who had trained via a different route. They had made over 50 applications and hadn’t had a response. After 3 weeks with us, they’d completed a bunch of 1st and 2nd round interviews and technical tests, received 2 job offers, and accepted the one they wanted.

To find out more about what we can do to help, please contact us for an open conversation so we can understand what support you need, agree the fees and get you started.