Join our DevOps Bootcamp to become a professional DevOps engineer. Learn the processes, tools, and strategies used in modern DevOps to enable the delivery of reliable, scalable, and secure applications, faster.

DevOps Bootcamp

— 20-week part-time DevOps course
— Train without quitting your job or losing your income
— Learn from an experienced DevOps Engineer
— Includes optional career-change support
— Next start date: Tue 16th Apr 2024

What’s the purpose of our DevOps Bootcamp?

To provide the technical training, hands-on experience, and optional career-change support to help you become a professional DevOps engineer.

How is our DevOps Bootcamp delivered?

The DevOps Bootcamp is delivered part-time in the evening:

  • Time: 18:30 - 21:30 UK time

  • Days: 2 per week (Mon & Wed or Tue & Thur)

  • Homework and projects: approx 9 hours per week

  • Workplace simulator: We create an individual work environment for you with your own virtual machine and Google Cloud project, in which you'll create a simulated tech company where you're the DevOps Engineer.

    You'll learn and apply the concepts, tools, and strategies that are central to DevOps, for creating end-to-end automated processes that enable your company to deliver reliable, scalable, and secure applications to users, faster.

    This approach gives you both the knowledge and hands-on practical experience of being a DevOps Engineer and solving the challenges you'll face in an actual company.

  • 1-2-1 support: Available throughout

  • Duration: 20 weeks

What will our DevOps Bootcamp cover?

DevOps bootcamp code execution and monitoring

Code execution:

Computer architecture:

Understand how computer architecture determines the opportunities and challenges for performance and compatibility of systems and software

Operating systems:

Understand different operating systems, virtualisation-related concepts, and the difference between them; Learn Linux Commands and File System systems to perform administration


Deep dive into Docker, exploring the Docker ecosystem; get confident with common administration commands and Docker networking

DevOps bootcamp process automation

Process automation:


Harness the power of Bash to create custom tools, speed up tasks with automation, and integrate complex systems

Infrastructure as code:

Express, document and provision infrastructure automatically using Terraform

Container Orchestration:

Automate the management of multiple containers using Kubernetes


Create Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery pipelines to automate the entire end-to-end application development and operation lifecycle

DevOps bootcamp networking and security

Networking and security:


Understand security within a system and what determines strengths and vulnerabilities, and managing security at rest and in transit; understand authentication and digital signature schemes and certification; Learn to use Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools and techniques


Understand networks and how to design them; access and configure remote servers securely; create systems that perform and scale

DevOps bootcamp cloud computing (AWS)

Cloud computing:

Deep dive into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) e.g. create networks, run applications, and manage access; get confident with the interface and main concepts; understand the pros and cons of the cloud; use GCP services together with advanced Infrastructure as Code concepts; manage containers on with Google Kubernetes Engine

DevOps bootcamp cloud computing (AWS)

Monitoring and Logging:

Learn to use tools like Prometheus and Grafana to visualise and monitor the health and performance of applications and the containers and clusters in which they’re running. Create logs using an EFK stack

DevOps bootcamp roles and responsibilities

DevOps role, responsibilities and culture:

Daily tasks and expectations, historical context and future trends and how you can shape an organisation’s culture

Who is our DevOps bootcamp suitable for?

We designed this DevOps bootcamp for people who want to learn to become DevOps engineers, and:

1. are not in a position to quit their job or train during the working day for 12 weeks

2. want to learn over a longer period to reduce the pressure and explore the material in more depth

Whether you're a systems administrator, a software engineer, or a total beginner looking to change careers, this programme will take you from little or no DevOps experience to a professional standard, within 20 weeks.

Is the DevOps Bootcamp on campus or remote?

The Jump is based in London, UK, but all our training is delivered remotely so that our students can learn to become software engineers, from anywhere. Students do not attend on campus.

Software Engineering course part time students

What does our DevOps Bootcamp provide you with?

Software Engineering Course London Hackathon | The Jump Coding Bootcamp

Everything you need to become a professional DevOps engineer:

  • Live, interactive, instructor-led training which you can participate in remotely, via Zoom, from anywhere

  • — A well structured and rigorous software engineering curriculum

  • — Your own Virtual Machine from Day 1, and access to a Google Cloud Project later on

  • — A Workplace Simulator where you tackle the challenges you’ll be facing as a DevOps Engineer

  • — A focus on the most in-demand and commercially valuable tech.

  • An expert, responsive, bootcamp instructor with over 15 years experience as a software engineer

  • 1-2-1 support from your instructor

  • Recordings of every training session

  • Homework and projects to help you explore ideas in greater depth, reinforce your learning and give you feedback

  • Optional career-change support including rewriting your CV, portfolio support and interview prep and practise.

How are we different from other schools or DevOps courses?

Small software engineering course cohorts for personalised support

Small cohorts

We keep our class sizes relatively small, so that we can give you the interactive training and personalised support you need. A lot of schools will pack 50+ students onto their cohorts.

Highly experienced instructors

Experienced Instructors

Many schools use their recent grads as instructors. We don’t. Your DevOps instructor is a Principal Software Engineer and DevOps Lead with 15+ years of experience. They intuitively know the tech and have a wealth of wisdom.

commercially relevant

Complete DevOps training

Lots of schools focus on certification. We don't. Whilst a certificate is great, it's not required, and our training covers all aspects of the role of a DevOps engineer and encompasses much more than a single certification.

Making learning as accessible as possible

As accessible as possible

We make our training as accessible as possible. Offering both part time and immersive training gives you the flexibility to choose the best training option for you; we run our training at a discount to the market; we offer the training remotely so you can learn from anywhere; we record every session in case you miss it or need to recap; we give you whatever support you need.

Making learning as accessible as possible

Workplace Simulator

Applied learning. We set you up as though you are a DevOps Engineer, and we walk you through the processes and challenges faced by teams delivering applications. You get hands on experience in solving exactly the kinds of problems you’ll face in the role of a DevOps Engineer.

Tuition fees and financing options

Our DevOps Bootcamp costs £7,000

If you are funding the programme directly, you can pay a deposit of £1,000 when signing up, followed by 5 equal instalments of £1,200 at the beginning of weeks 3, 8, 13, 18 & 23 of the DevOps bootcamp to help you manage cash flow.

Alternatively, we’re partnered with two specialist education finance providers, Knoma and Lendwise.


Knoma can provide interest free loans that are repayable over the course of 10 months at ~£700 per month.

Check them out here


Lendwise charge interest but can provide loans that are repayable over a longer period, e.g. 4 years at ~£183 per month.

Check them out here

What is the application process?

Our application process is super simple - it's just a phone conversation with us to make sure that you have all the information you need and that this is the right option for you. (don't worry, there’s no tech test or anything arbitrary like that).

Reach out to us today to arrange a chat with Rob who’ll answer all your questions and help you make an informed decision. Click the Contact Us button below and start your journey to becoming a software engineer.