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PART-TIME coding bootcamps don’t require you to quit your job and lose thousands of pounds of your income to train. Full-time bootcamps do. By removing the financial pressure from having no income, we can train you for longer, giving you more time to explore ideas, learn in more depth and reach a higher standard.

All our Bootcamps can be accessed remotely so you can join our live, real-time, interactive and instructor-led training programmes from anywhere and receive the support you need to reach a professional standard.

Become a professional web developer with one of our part-time coding bootcamps, accessible remotely, online, from anywhere

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional full-stack web developer

Professional Full-Stack Web Developer part-time coding bootcamp

(Pro F-Stack)

This 30-week, part-time, remotely accessible programme of in-depth software engineering training and optional career-change support will enable you to make the jump from being a beginner or intermediate standard developer to being able to develop and deploy enterprise-grade to a professional standard. Learn the most valuable technology to get access to the best opportunities and implement your entrepreneurial ideas.

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

Professional JavaScript Developer part-time coding bootcamp

(Pro JS)

This 17.5-week, part-time, remotely accessible programme teaches you how to use JavaScript to a professional standard across the client-server model, to create cutting edge applications. Amongst other things, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming in any language; the features of JavaScript and the ES6+ advancements; React (the most commercially viable front-end framework) with Redux (State management); animation (three.js); consuming & creating API’s (AJAX, REST & GraphQL); servers and databases (Node.js & Express, SQL & NoSQL); test-driven development, TypeScript and more.

Coding bootcamp London, become a professional front-end web developer

Professional Front-End Web Developer part-time coding bootcamp

(Pro FED)

The Front-End bootcamp is a 22-week, part-time, remotely accessible programme, designed for those who want to focus on developing the User Interface.


Suzanna, freelance designer
‘James’ teaching was fantastic. He has a great way of breaking down complex subjects, making them clear and relatable. You can tell he’s a natural problem-solver and won’t give up until he’s convinced you’ve understood!’
- Suzanna, Freelance Designer