Learn the fundamentals of Front-End web development and JavaScript with our part-time coding courses

Our part-time coding courses in London offer practical introductions to specific web development topics to improve your understanding and ability to interact with code and coders to build attractive and high performing products.

Part-time coding courses in London | Learn web development:

Part-time coding course London | Learn Front-End Web Development

Introduction to Front-End Web Development Coding Course (fewd intro)

In this 10 week, in-person, part-time coding course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of Front-End Web Development, in order to better understand, communicate and interact with both code and coders.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, UX/UI designers, project managers, marketers, bloggers & hobbyists who want to create, develop and maintain attractive, responsive, mobile-friendly, interactive webpages, and be more effective & valuable team members.

Part-time coding course London | Learn JavaScript

Introduction to JavaScript Development Coding Course (JS Intro)

JavaScript is ubiquitous: Want to create a programme to fly a drone or build an interactive website? Then JavaScript is the language for you!

In this 8-week part-time coding course you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming in JavaScript: what it does; how different JavaScript technologies fit together to form an app; and how to use it to control a web page, call out to get data from other parts of the web, code your own server-less functions and deploy your own web applications.


Tammy, Entrepreneur
‘James was an incredible and conscientious teacher who was very patient. I picked up things quickly due to the nature of his lectures and demos, and on those bits of code (deathly JavaScript) where I struggle he always made sure he made time to go through things until they finally clicked’
- Tammy, Entrepreneur